K2skeeze.com Concept

Unaffiliated at the time, I approached K2 Skis with an innovative new-media marketing concept to help the brand strengthen its influence in the over-saturated youth market within freeskiing.  The concept was a video based website that served as a hub for subtly branded K2 content released on a daily basis through their primary selling season, with emphasis on online and social engagement to share the content.

As a major part of this initiative, I pitched and directed the production of multiple web series that each targeted a specific niche consumer within the ski market including backcountry enthusiasts, women’s freestyle, the youth market, core urban and park skiers, and big mountain freeride.

I began this project in 2011 and oversaw all major elements of production, distribution and branding during my time at K2 with ample resources for it to run in 2015.  During this time, K2’s presence within these freeride markets increased substantially, resulting in increased segment sales.


Featured Series:

Elevated Education


Mind’s Eye

21 & Under

Chasing The Dragon


Summer School


Conceptualizing, Creative Direction, Project Management, Distribution Coordination, Directing, Producing, Editing, Motion Graphics


April 23, 2012


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