Rime Knits – Elements Rebrand

I began Rime Knits in 2005, grew the brand in 2008 and managed it heavily until 2014, when I decided to put it on the back-burner so that I could pursue my MBA and independent feature ‘Tamashii’.  

With both of those accomplishments behind me, I set out to rebrand and kickstart Rime into a new direction.  This initiative has consisted of several key points:

  • In depth market research was conducted to evaluate the size of the potential market, identify competitors, and determine the direction to take the brand through a 3 year product development and marketing plan.
  • Redefining the brand’s voice, new logo development and branding elements to evolve Rime and open it to a new market without deterring previous consumers.
  • Development of a new brand tagline, updated and more relevant website (www.RimeElements.com), and a social media plan to aid the brand in growth.
  • Financial planning and assessment for a 5 year period into the future to establish target growth rate, growth numbers, employment plans and product development.
  • A detailed viability assessment to develop a revised business plan for use in approaching potential investors, demonstrating future growth potential, return on investment, the brand’s mission & vision statements, CSR commitment and organisational management.

Creative Direction, Market Research, Branding Direction, Graphic Design, Web Development, Business Development, Financial Assessment & Budgeting


April 23, 2016


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